Gold Coast Spine What To Expect

What To Expect

We understand you want to know what to expect when seeing a spine surgeon.  When you come for your first appointment, it might be the first time you have needed to visit a medical specialist.

Every patient has unique circumstances and needs.  At Gold Coast Spine, Dr Matthew Scott-Young recommends the treatment that best suits your particular needs.  This means everyone’s journey under our care is different.  But we also want to help you understand what to expect as a patient at Gold Coast Spine.

So, whether you are a new patient wanting to book your first appointment or you have been recommended for surgery, we want to help you understand what to expect.

We also have a dedicated team to answer any questions you have at any stage of your journey with us.  You can contact us here.

Case Studies

Everyone wants to know what to expect when they visit a specialist for the first time. But your spinal condition is unique. This means that your journey with us is not going to be 100% predictable.

We want to help you better understand what to expect. So, we have developed some example patient journeys based on 20 years of patients coming to Gold Coast Spine.

The Case Studies give you a look into some of the different journeys our patients take with us. You’re probably not “Russell the Farmer” or “Maria the College Student” but you may end up sharing parts of their journeys.

Spine surgery does feature in many of these Case Studies because patient questions about surgery are the most frequent. However, the most common treatment advice Dr Scott-Young gives is not surgical. He stresses that elective spine surgery should be considered only when all other non-surgical options are exhausted.

Going through the Case Studies will also help you think of questions you may want to ask Dr Scott-Young and his staff.