Spinal Radiology & Investigations

Spinal Radiology & Investigations

Prior to seeing your surgeon at Gold Coast Spine and, if necessary, at various points along your course of review and treatment, you will be asked to have some radiographic or other types of investigations performed.  You will be provided with a referral from your surgeon to have the investigation performed.

To assist you in understanding the general nature of the investigations you may be asked to undergo we have provided some information on this website.

Please note that if you have any specific questions regarding the investigation or the risks associated with the investigation you should direct them to the radiology company or other provider your surgeon has referred you to.  Contact details of the providers may be found on the referral you have been given.

Depending on the investigation to be performed you may have an out of pocket cost associated with the investigation. Our staff will do their best to inform you of the out of pocket cost but we would recommend that you personally confirm that information with the provider you have been referred to (eg Radiology Company).

In most (but not all) cases a Medicare rebate is available for the investigations you will have performed.  Your private health fund will not contribute to the cost of the investigation unless you are a patient admitted in a private hospital.  Please note that you are not able to be admitted to hospital purely to have an investigation performed.

For detailed information in relation to investigations commonly ordered by the surgeons at Gold Coast Spine, see Radiology Investigations and other investigations.