New Patients

New Patients

If you are a patient seeking your first appointment with Assoc Prof Scott-Young, there are a few steps to complete prior to receiving an appointment to see Assoc Prof Scott-Young.

Please note that, at this time, Assoc Prof Scott-Young is unable to accept patients who:

  • are currently involved in a compensation claim of any kind in relation to their spine
  • are wishing to see Assoc Prof Scott-Young under the Department of Veterans Affairs Gold/White Card programs.
  • wish to be seen as a public patient within the public hospital system.  Assoc Prof Scott-Young works solely in private practice and is unable to see or treat patients within the public hospital system.

If you are local to the Gold Coast area or are within a short drive of the Gold Coast, to obtain an appointment with Assoc Prof Scott-Young please follow the steps below. If you do not live within a short drive of the Gold Coast please refer to the information relating to Travelling Patients. These steps are to help Assoc Prof Scott-Young understand the nature of your condition, the need for any investigations to be done prior to your first consultation, and the appropriate timing of your consultation.

If you are a local patient we would like you to start by dropping into Gold Coast Spine during our hours of opening.  Please remember to bring with you:

  1. The referral from your doctor;
  2. The original films of any recent radiology (last 2 years) relating to your condition (not reports or CD ROM’s – Assoc Prof Scott-Young needs to see the films).

At this time, you will not be seen by Assoc Prof Scott-Young.  Our staff will ask you to fill out some questionnaires about yourself and your symptoms and will take delivery of your referral and any radiology you have had done. 

Assoc Prof Scott-Young will later review the material we have received when his schedule permits.  He prioritises the referrals he receives based on clinical needs of the patient.  If your condition is assessed as an urgent surgical case, your review will be expedited and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If your condition is not assessed as urgent, it may take up to 2 weeks for us to contact you and offer you an appointment.  Please note that, because of the volume of requests for appointments, the waiting time for non-urgent first consultations can be up to 4-5 months. 

Our goal in undertaking the steps noted above is to insure that you attend your first consultation with all the information necessary to enable you to receive a diagnosis and treatment recommendation from Assoc Prof Scott-Young.  However, you may require several other investigations and consultation prior to Assoc Prof Scott-Young giving you his final diagnosis and treatment recommendations.  Treatment recommendations do not always involve spine surgery and may include more conservative treatment such as injections, weight loss, recommendations to undertake active rehabilitation, etc.

Should you have any questions about the information provided or wish to clarify any aspect of becoming a patient of Assoc Prof Scott-Young please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone and ask to speak to one of our Patient Co-ordinators.

If you have any general questions about appointments with a surgeon at Gold Coast Spine please go to Frequently Asked Questions.  Also you may wish to review Assoc Prof Scott-Young’s consulting fees.