Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my problem gets worse before my appointment? 

We recommend that you see your GP and discuss your condition with your GP.  If necessary, your GP may wish to contact Assist Prof McEntee’s practice. 

What if I have to go to an Accident & Emergency Centre because my pain is so bad? 

We recommend that you go to the Accident & Emergency Centre at Pindara Private Hospital or Gold Coast Private Hospital .  If you are a current patient or have an appointment to see your surgeon, please tell the doctors your surgeon’s name and ask them to contact him.   Please note that Dr McEntee cannot see patients at John Flynn Hospital, the Gold Coast University Hospital or Robina Hospital

What if I have to change or cancel my appointment? 

Please make sure that you contact us as soon as possible to advise us that you need to change or cancel your appointment. Contact Us 

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment? 

Certainly, you may wish to bring your spouse, close relative, or friend.  However, we would ask that you limit the number of people that come with you as there is only limited seating available. 

Will I have to undress at the appointment? 

Generally, patients need to undress to their underwear to enable Assist Prof McEntee to undertake an orthopaedic examination.  If you are a woman, and wish a female staff person or your companion to be present during the examination, please advise the person at reception. 

What questions should I ask Assist Prof McEntee about my problem? 

We suggest that you write down a list of questions as they come to your mind and bring the list with you to the consultation.  

Will Assist Prof McEntee be able to tell me what is wrong at my first appointment?

In many cases, the doctor will give you a diagnosis at your first visit.  But in many cases, the doctor may require further investigations to be undertaken before he can tell you exactly what is wrong.  

Why do doctors always run late? 

Good question.  Doctors have a hard time trying to set aside the right amount of time for each patient.  You are new to us and it’s very hard to predict exactly how long it will take to discuss your problem.  The same principle applies to every other patient the doctor sees in a day.  Every person is seen for as long as needed.  Because of this, the doctor may run late.  We ask all our patients to be understanding of the needs of the others being seen on the same day.  We recommend that you set aside 2 hours out of your schedule for your appointment. Please feel free to call our rooms on the day of your appointment to ask if Assist Prof McEntee is running on time. 

Why do I need a referral from my GP? 

Your GP is the most appropriate person to decide which specialist is the best person to help you with your problem.  The referral letter enables your GP to tell the specialist the history of your condition. Also, if you do not have a referral, you will not get any significant rebate from Medicare for consultation or surgical fees. 

If I have more questions after my visit, can I telephone Assist Prof McEntee and discuss them? 

Unfortunately, Assist Prof McEntee is unable to discuss treatment issues over the telephone.  You will need to book another appointment to discuss your concerns about your ongoing condition. 

Will Assist Prof McEntee tell my GP about my consultation? 

Yes, Assist Prof McEntee will write to your GP about your visit.  While we try to get the letters to your GP out as quickly as possible, it may take up to two weeks for your GP to receive Assist Prof McEntee’s letter.   

Does Assist Prof McEntee need to see my x-rays each time I see him? 

Yes, please always bring all your radiology with you to each appointment you have with Assist Prof McEntee.  He may need to look at them again. 

I have a workers’ compensation insurer that pays my bills; can the insurer pay Assist Prof McEntee’s fees? 

Yes, Assist Prof McEntee will accept payment from your workers compensation insurer as long as you have an accepted claim and a claim number.  However, you need to remember that, as the patient, you are responsible for payment of the consultation fees. Should your insurer refuse to pay Assist Prof McEntee’s fees you will be required to pay them.   

Will my health fund pay for part of my consultation fee? 

No.  Your health fund only provides rebates for consultations that take place as an inpatient in a hospital.  When you see a doctor outside of a hospital, only Medicare will provide a rebate. 

What if I need a medical certificate from Assist Prof McEntee? 

Be sure to ask Assist Prof McEntee about it during the consultation.   

Should I join a health fund if I have no private health insurance? 

Surgery is very expensive and health funds make you wait one year before having surgery for a pre-existent condition.  We recommend that you join a fund before you see Assist Prof McEntee as it will make the wait shorter if he recommends surgery.  It is important that you choose cover which allows you to have the doctor of your choice in a private hospital and that the cover includes spine surgery.  

If I need surgery, how much will it cost me? 

The cost of surgery depends on the type of surgery Assist Prof McEntee recommends.  The fees that Assist Prof McEntee charges have been set with consideration to Assist Prof McEntee’s education, skill and experience as well as the costs associated with running a medical practice.  Prior to surgery, you will receive an estimate that sets out the fees Assist Prof McEntee charges for the procedure he has recommended.  This is what is also called informed financial consent. 

If I have been involved in an accident or injury, will Assist Prof McEntee give a report to my solicitors or insurer? 

Assist Prof McEntee’s consultation fees do not include providing a report to your insurer or lawyers.  Separate fees apply for these reports.  Please note that Assist Prof McEntee needs to receive a request in writing from your insurer or lawyers before being able to provide a report about your condition and your claim.

Can I bring my pet with me to my appointment?

As we are a medical clinic, animals are not allowed in our practice. A service animal may attend with you if it is a registered service animal and clearly identified.