The GCS Team

The GCS Team

At Gold Coast Spine we have a team of staff who are able to assist you with any inquiries relating to being a patient at Gold Coast Spine.  To assist you in directing your inquiries, we would like to introduce our team to you.

Patient Coordinators

If you are new to Gold Coast Spine, our dedicated patient coordinators are here to help.

Our patient coordinators assist you with each step along the way to attending your first appointment with your surgeon.  They will answer your questions about how to become a patient, your appointment time, what investigations you may need to have performed prior to your appointment and what your surgeon’s consultation fees will be.


If you are a current patient at Gold Coast Spine and wish to arrange a follow up or postoperative consultation, our receptionists will be able to assist you in booking your appointment.  Our receptionists can also help you with any general inquiry you may have or direct you to the staff member who can answer your question.

Surgical Services – Practice Nurse

Our Surgical Services team at Gold Coast Spine is comprised of our Practice Nurse and our Practice Nurse Assistants.

Should you have any questions about booking the surgery your surgeon has recommended you undergo, our Surgical Services team will be your first port of call.

When you and your surgeon agree to proceed with a surgical solution to your spinal condition, the Surgical Services team will assist you in coordinating all the arrangements needed for your admission to Pindara Private Hospital for your procedure. 

Our Practice Nurse is available to discuss any questions you may have about your admission to hospital, your discharge home and your expectations about your postoperative progress.  During the postoperative period, our Practice Nurse can answer any questions or concerns about how you are recovering once you are discharged home. 

Financial Services

Gold Coast Spine’s Financial Services team is able to help you with any inquiries you may have regarding:

  • Gold Coast Spine’s payment policies
  • The Estimate we have provided to you in relation to your proposed surgery under the care of Assoc Prof Scott-Young
  • Making your prepayment prior to your surgery
  • A Statement that you have received from Gold Coast Spine
  • Claiming your rebates from Medicare and your private health fund

Typing Services

We have a team of highly qualified medical typists that transcribe our surgeons’ dictation to ensure that your referring doctor and any third parties involved in your care get timely correspondence from your surgeon about your diagnosis, treatment options, prognosis and rehabilitation needs. 


In pursuit of evidence based medicine, the surgeons at Gold Coast Spine undertake their own clinical research in the fields of spine surgery in which they practise.  In particular, Assoc Prof Scott-Young runs a research project in relation to both cervical and lumbar total disc replacement.  Assoc Prof Scott-Young also participates as an investigator in the FDA trial, Discover Cervical Disc Research Study, sponsored by DePuy Spine.

If you are a participant in one of our research projects, our dedicated Research Assistants are available to answer any questions you may have about your participation in the project. 

General Manager

At the helm of our administrative team at Gold Coast Spine is our General Manager, Ms Sandra Walter BA (Hons) LLB (Hons).

Ms Walter is responsible for the service provided to you by the team at Gold Coast Spine, from your first telephone inquiry until you are discharged from the care of your surgeon.  It is our mission at Gold Coast Spine not just to provide you with the best possible clinical care but also the highest customer service we can deliver as a team.  Ms Walter is keen to hear from you in relation to any questions or concerns you have about the services provided to you at Gold Coast Spine, as well as any compliments!